3 questions Yankees have already answered at spring training, 1 they haven't

It's still, unfortunately, a mystery.
New York Yankees Photo Day
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Are we sure the Yankees printed enough bullpen arms?

One of the easiest predictions of the offseason was that someone previously lurking in the shadows would rise through the Yankees' ranks to absorb important bullpen innings this season.

Still, after Scott Effross' back injury was revealed on Day 1 of camp, just after Wandy Peralta's departure had become official, it was somewhat fair to wonder ... how long the Yankees were allowed to have the reputation for "printing bullpen arms" if their established bullpen arms continued to disappear. At some point, the well would run dry and they'd need outside help ... right?

Well, so far, Nick Burdi appears to have answered the call, blazing 100 MPH heaters and otherworldly sliders past unsuspecting competition this spring. Cody Poteet and Cody Morris have both shown flashes. Luis Gil, recently demoted to minor-league camp, showed off his trademark heater in the spring training opener against Detroit. Who knows which of these players will have an outsized impact on the Yankees' bullpen this year, but it now seems relatively certain they still have the horses to cover innings six-through-nine (even if you're not familiar with those horses' names).