3 players who priced themselves out of Yankees trade rumors on arbitration day

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The Yankees entered Thursday's arbitration deadline with a rather large list of financial scores to settle. Helpfully, they also received a dose of clarity from across the league.

Several Yankees-adjacent names settled well ahead of the Thursday evening deadline, and a few names that have been tossed around in New York's sphere got hefty raises (all while the Yankees were putting aside cash for Luke Weaver).

A few players in the Yankees' orbit are still very affordable. Dylan Cease's second-to-last year before free agency will cost just $8 million, making him an even more enticing target for teams already bidding on his services (cough, cough, Baltimore). But a few other players may no longer fit into the budget.

Obviously, no one on the arb-3 docket was rewarded with a princely sum (um, except Juan Soto), but just because someone isn't making $26 million doesn't mean a team will be ready and willing to absorb $12+ million just before Opening Day (though it gets easier to swallow as you await the trade deadline).

Some players settled nicely before entering the war room on moderate bargain deals. Others received more money than I think most anticipated -- including the Yankees. Combine the current rumor mill with these figures, and you settle on three names who likely won't be acquired by Brian Cashman (some now, some in July).

3 players who priced themselves out of Yankees' budget (yes, really) with arbitration deals

Ramon Laureano

The Yankees' outfield went from barren to overflowing with the acquisitions of Alex Verdugo, Juan Soto and Trent Grisham ... though it's worth noting the departures of Jake Bauers, Billy McKinney and Willie Calhoun mean the next line of defense is slightly weakened (or, at least, will include some different names than last season, which isn't a bad thing).

That means New York could be grabbing for flyers as the year drags on and injuries pile up. Don't expect that list to include Ramon Laureano, though, who's been a rumored Yankees trade target/defensive specialist since his Oakland days.

Laureano went to Cleveland last summer, and ultimately settled with the Guardians this year for $5.15 million back in November. The Yankees surely believe they'll be able to beat or match Laureano's production internally, especially for a $2.5 million deadline hit.