3 payroll-saving moves Yankees need to execute this offseason

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
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Trade Gleyber Torres for ... whatever else you need

This has somehow become a controversial opinion, solely because Torres was the Yankees' second-best hitter in 2023 ... but that was exactly the problem. Torres shouldn't be any contending team's second-best hitter. And his .800 OPS and 118 OPS+ should further prove that.

Torres had a great year. But he's still far from a complete player. His situational hitting is bad. His mental lapses are inexcusable. His defense can either be sterling or bush league. There's far too much hot and cold with his play for the Yankees to stomach.

He'll be making around $15 million in 2024 (his final year of arbitration eligibility), and if he's not part of the team's long-term plans, there's no reason for the Yankees to let his time in the Bronx merely expire. Use a young asset at second base and improve elsewhere.

In Torres' defense, he's been good and it's unclear how he might help get the Yankees what they need. Nobody is trading controllable starting pitching for one year of him. Nobody is trading an impact lefty bat for him. Maybe a couple of prospects to replenish the system after other deals plus unloading payroll? Wouldn't be the worst idea.