3 old school managers Yankees fans shouldn’t be begging for (and 1 they should be)

Would *any* of these icons have been better than Aaron Boone in 2024?

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No Thanks: Don Mattingly

This blurb is, unfortunately, also very simple. Brian Cashman has had the opportunity to promote Don Mattingly to the managerial position (or bring him back) many times. Mattingly was passed up in favor of Joe Girardi at the end of the 2007 season. He could've been a Girardi alternative in 2017, if the Yankees craved some positive press; he was not. He was once again available when the Marlins let him go last offseason, but it does not appear the concept was very heavily considered.

Hiring Mattingly would instantly get Cashman a jolt of kudos from a certain sect of Yankees fans. But he hasn't done it, or even really entertained it. There's a philosophical difference there that he will not ignore. It is not going to happen this winter, either.

Would Mattingly be an improvement over Boone in the dugout? Solid caretaker, ran up bloated record with powerhouse Dodgers before struggling in playoffs, never pulled things together, and ran afoul in Miami without the same resources -- his resumé sounds a lot like Boone's current manifest. His Yankees career certainly made him more universally beloved than Boonie's singular home run did, but the same fans who would be extolling his virtues in the winter would likely be left wondering why he couldn't secure the big one in the fall. And no one in their right mind wants to see Mattingly's legacy disgraced.