3 changes we'd already make to 2023 Yankees

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
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1. Eat Aaron Hicks' Money and Release Him

Easier typed than done, but it's certainly time.

Hicks is poised to somehow get more playing time, not less, after Stanton's injury. His worst game of the season was Sunday, featuring three strikeouts, each one ending with his body further from the ball than the last. Or maybe his worst game of the season was last Wednesday in Cleveland, when he was placed in center field and made three first-inning bloopers into unforeseen adventures (he fumbled two).

You know what? It's hard to keep count, but after vowing to have some "f*** you" last year, Hicks has looked checked out for the vast majority of his plate appearances since 2022,Non-Astros Three-Run Homer Division. Only recently has his intensity been ratcheted up to overkill, giving his ABs the appearance of max effort (perhaps taking things too far).

Look at that photo! It's from this past weekend against the Twins! Hicks is out here wearing spring training caps before regular season games. The attention to detail is below the floor. Or maybe he's just a bargain shopper? That hat is significantly discounted on the team's website right now, considering spring training ended nearly a month ago. That $10 million annual salary has to go somewhere.

Hicks' Yankees tenure should hit the sticks sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, Hal Steinbrenner isn't usually in that kind of business -- at least, not since they made A-Rod disappear. Maybe Hicks should get himself embroiled in controversy? That could help.