3 changes we'd already make to 2023 Yankees

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
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2. Keep DJ LeMahieu in the Heart of the Lineup

Yes, this would likely require rookie Anthony Volpe to get over the freshman hump and break out, considering the maneuver would turn the kid into a semi-permanent leadoff hitter.

But fans who've watched Volpe's development know that he typically starts slow at a level before conquering it. Volpe's been tracking upwards in recent days, recording a hit in five consecutive starts entering play this week, while stealing three bags on Saturday. It'll come. It might already be here.

That means LeMahieu can prepare to fully transition to the middle of the order, where he'll be able to cash in on runners in scoring position, especially while Giancarlo Stanton is recuperating. As a team, the Yankees were hitting .258 with RISP entering Tuesday's action, but that was reduced to a woeful 1-for-19 with a runner on third (and any number of outs). LeMahieu has long been adept at this particular Yankees weakness, and he's 4-for-10 with RISP already this season.

In his first game sans-Stanton on Sunday, LeMahieu ripped a two-out RBI single to clean up Gleyber Torres' base runners, then homered for the insurance later on. He should be placed directly in the middle of the order, with almost 100% regularity, until Stanton returns. Based on Tuesday's lineup, Aaron Boone seems to agree.