3 biggest Yankees winners and 3 biggest losers at the Memorial Day checkpoint

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
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Yankees Loser: Oswald Peraza

What is Oswald Peraza, exactly? He's probably the second baseman of the future, even though by all accounts he's a superior defender to Anthony Volpe. He didn't get selected to fly north with the team out of spring training; Volpe did, and though his first two months have been a bit rocky, he's shown enough highlight-reel tenacity on offense that the Yankees are unlikely to go back on him now.

When Peraza was called up, he struggled. He doesn't help this team right now more than Gleyber Torres does. When will the Yankees move Torres and trust Peraza to help them win now? When is the right time to prioritize long-term flexibility over contention? When does Torres' unlikely future extension actually factor into the depth chart? And, if and when the Yankees do replace Torres, will Peraza be the guy?

The 22-year-old Peraza should have ample opportunity to crack the Yankees' depth chart next season; Josh Donaldson will not be back, and DJ LeMahieu has been slowed by age (and injury?) in May. He's probably overqualified for Triple-A. But, because there's more uncertainty surrounding his future with the franchise now than there was when 2022 wrapped, he's earned this unfortunate designation. As Volpe's gotten the chance to become part of this franchise's fabric, he's receded into the background.