3 big-name hitting coach options Yankees should've targeted over Sean Casey

The Yankees need to take a big swing (while also working the count for once).
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Chili Davis, former Yankees DH

Having a former player at the helm of this Yankees offense -- at least for the rest of this season -- would seem beneficial. The 2022 Yankees were better than the 2023 unit (barely, especially in the second half), and at least they hit homers and scored nearly five runs per game, when the dust settled. Some of the credit there went to Hensley Meulens, a former Yankee who left his assistant coaching perch this offseason to become the Rockies' lead hitting coach. Another promotion! Things aren't going ... fantastically in Colorado, but Meulens is missed in New York.

Since they can't have Bam Bam back, some theorized on Sunday about another well-traveled former Yankee taking over: Chili Davis, who captured rings in 1998 and '99 as New York's veteran DH.

The main issue with Davis' candidacy is that he's available ... because he was ultimately dismissed from four different stops between 2012 and 2021. He was the man behind the Oakland A's well-balanced offensive attack from 2012-2014, a semi-anonymous team that still managed to win 94, 96, and 88 games in a three-year span. That final year featured a summer collapse and Wild Card Game flameout, and he bore the brunt of it. Davis then worked with the 2015-2017 Red Sox, featuring two playoff-bound offenses, before being forced out in favor of Boston's own guru. His final two gigs came with the 2018 Cubs and 2019-2021 Mets. Both did not end fantastically.

Davis has valuable experience, and could have been a patchwork option (like Casey) for the remainder of 2023 on a prove-it deal. Unfortunately, the last time he worked with an offense this untalented, he was booed out of Flushing, Queens. Maybe it would be better to go with a Friend of Boone as the next scapegoat after all.