2 Yankees who shouldn't be considered for contract extensions and 1 who should

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Yankees should avoid a future contract with Luis Severino

Sad, but true, the Yankees will probably reach the end of their marriage with Luis Severino by the end of the season.

Hopefully, for both parties, his 2023 season lasts from May through November, bearing fruit for his eventual free agency and wrapping up with a ring.

While Severino's $10 million AAV on his "ill-fated" extension is still pennies on the dollar for someone of his talent, the fact remains he made three starts in 2019, recovered from Tommy John to make four relief appearances in 2021, and added 19 (very effective) starts last season before debuting on Sunday in his final campaign under contract. It hasn't been a Hicks-ian blunder (at the same AAV), but Severino has been through a remarkable amount of bumps and bruises since putting pen to paper.

Who knew that, when he forgot the start time of a 2018 postseason game (allegedly), that wouldn't be close to rock bottom?

Both sides can play nice for the rest of the summer. Severino can claim he wants to stay here forever, despite beefing with the training staff and baseball ops departments on numerous occasions. When push comes to shove, though, both parties have a vested interest in getting Sevy right this year. A dominant performance from the right-hander raises the Yankees' ceiling, but also pushes his next contract into a price range where the Yanks won't have to make a difficult call, and can just say goodbye.