2 prospects Yankees should rush to MLB and 1 they shouldn't

There's a place in New York for two of these players before September...
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Yankees Prospect to Be Careful With: Jasson Dominguez

After a difficult three months to begin the campaign, Jasson Dominguez is scorching the baseball again at Double-A the way he was in spring training, leaving many impatient Yankee fans clamoring for his imminent promotion.

Do not do that.

Dominguez, who was anointed at such a young age it's easy to forget he was born in 2003/is younger than 2021 Red Sox first-rounder Marcelo Mayer, finally hit his stride in the Eastern League in July. He hit .309 with a pair of home runs, 15 RBI and an .808 OPS, simplifying his approach and allowing the power to come to him rather than seeking it. August? So far, so much better in six games (.400 average, 1.083 OPS).

He looks the part, all of a sudden. He's silently stolen 33 bags. He doesn't turn 21 years old until February. And, now that the Yankees have gotten him on track, they cannot afford to expedite him to MLB, Volpe-style, and undo his progress.

Rest assured, no matter how slow the Yankees play Dominguez's next year, there will be another adjustment period at Triple-A, and then again at the MLB level. The Martian has shown in 2023 that he's able to shake off historic scuffles to eventually prosper by the end of the season. Still, it'll be best for the Yankees to avoid putting their most famous prospect in a terrible situation. Give him a week or two of Triple-A this season, at most, then regroup next year.