2 prospects Yankees should rush to MLB and 1 they shouldn't

There's a place in New York for two of these players before September...
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The New York Yankees aren't exactly knocking down the door of the playoff bracket right about now, situated 4.5 games behind the Toronto Blue Jays at the conclusion of Vlad Jr., Davis Schneider and Co. sweeping the Red Sox out of their house (surely, Vlad knows that feeling well).

Harrison Bader's relentless positivity might've rankled a few folks on Sunday, but if the Yankees play as well as they did in the non-Severino games against the Houston Astros this weekend, they might just have a shot at remaining relevant down the stretch. They were one clutch hit Sunday away from taking three out of four.

Of course, falling one clutch hit short -- in an astounding number of opportunities -- has been their MO since 2018, so who knows if there's any more room to progress here?

If the Yankees are going to prove it's "right in front of them" and make a run in August/September, they're going to need to shake things up a bit. Saturday's win was inspirational! It also featured a Jake Bauers solo homer, a Gleyber Torres solo homer, and a sacrifice fly. That's typically not going to cut it.

Luckily, the Yankees have a few prospects rising through the ranks right now -- at positions of need! -- who'd make perfect September call-ups. In fact, they have one prospect who might make a perfect Aug. 9 call-up.

Though New York's brass should still be extra careful with one of their big names who's catching aflame, it feels like the Yankees would benefit from rushing these two prospects into the spotlight this fall.

2 prospects who should be with Yankees in September (and 1 who needs more time)

Yankees Prospect to Promote: Everson Pereira

Prior to their weekend series at Fenway Park, the Blue Jays were having all the same conversations the Yankees were about their struggling lineup. If everyone played to the back of their baseball cards, everything would be fine! Still, though, it might help to insert someone, anyone, who'd been scorching at Triple-A just to insert a new face into the mix.

What happened? The Blue Jays called up Davis Schneider from Buffalo, he recorded nine hits and two homers in three games, and Toronto swept after dropping their first seven games of the season to the Red Sox.

Why are we telling you this? Because the Yankees certainly need Giancarlo Stanton, DJ LeMahieu and Co. to play to the backs of their baseball cards to succeed, but ... adding Everson Pereira, who Brian Cashman has mentioned as a left field option, could help deemphasize their importance slightly.

Pereira has been a walking flame ball since being promoted to Scranton, hitting .340 with five bombs and a .955 OPS in 24 games at the level. Let's face it. If he was a lefty, he might already be up here. Unlike most of the Yankees' prospects, Pereira has a real chance to solve a significant issue in 2024. Why not get a preview of what that could look like when the Yankees could use it most?