2 contract extensions the Yankees should pursue, 2 they should avoid in 2024

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Yankees contract extension to pursue: Jasson Dominguez

Like Volpe, Dominguez is very, very green. His eight-game cameo with the Bombers last year had us all floored, but then a UCL injury landed him on the shelf (and he'll be out until the middle of this summer). He's also played just 17 games above Double-A.

But again, this is another name the Yankees have been unwaveringly confident with, refusing to even entertain in trade talks for the biggest stars in the sport. That doesn't mean they're ready and willing to jump the gun right now, but it at least has to be a thought, right?

Scouts have been gushing over Dominguez's five tools ever since he was signed out of the Dominican Republic back in 2019. He's received pretty cool (but unfair) comparisons to Mickey Mantle and Mike Trout. Though Yankees fans have kept their expectations tempered, they couldn't help themselves when Dominguez lit up spring training and then (finally) debuted in September, taking Justin Verlander deep in his first career at-bat in Houston to propel the Yanks to a series sweep.

How about $100 million for Dominguez? Ronald Acuña Jr. got $100 million after a Rookie of the Year campaign in 2019 and the Braves have been reaping the benefits every single day. If Dominguez returns to the Bombers and starts raking in the summer, that should be the number. If the two sides discuss this before he's back from injury, it should look more like Michael Harris II's eight-year, $72 million contract. But we doubt the Martian will settle for that.

Either way, Dominguez's name recognition and player profile fit New York (and anywhere, really) perfectly. Letting both his and Volpe's situations "play out" isn't in the team's best interests. One needs to be prioritized on the extension front.