2 contract extensions the Yankees should pursue, 2 they should avoid in 2024

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Yankees contract extension to pursue: Anthony Volpe

Anthony Volpe's rookie season was successful. It wasn't perfect. It was hardly devoid of blemishes. And there's developing to be done. But a Gold Glove/20-20 campaign for his first 162-game slate is the definition of great potential.

More importantly, however? The Yankees know exactly what Volpe needs to work on in order to grow and be the franchise cornerstone he's envisioned as. His defense needs minor tweaks, and that'll come with more reps. His offensive approach is hit or miss, and he'll just need to cut back on striking out and chasing, while being a bit more patient at the plate. Very few rookies burst onto the scene with a sparkling profile that screams "All-Star."

Volpe's stretches of success in 2023 (on a horribly constructed and vibe-cursed Yankees roster, mind you) were notable and highlight-worthy. He's constantly praised by the organization and his teammates for his hard work and attitude, so why not give him security and declare him a franchise piece with a mid-tier, $150 million gamble? Nothing will ever look worse than Aaron Hicks' $70 million extension, so the only place to go is up.

Bobby Witt Jr.'s $288 million extension might've given the Yankees an opportunity to evaluate Volpe's market after one season. Maybe Volpe accepts, maybe he opts to take it year by year. Either way, it's worth a try because this can help set the payroll flexibility for years to come.