15 worst New York Yankees free agent signings in franchise history

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
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9. Rawly Eastwick, 1977-78 Offseason

Chapter Two in the Yankees' attempt to plunder the 1976 Reds team that embarrassed them in the World Series went even worse than Chapter One.

At least Gullett contributed positively to a World Series winner, though his magic left arm had run out of juice by the time the playoffs rolled around. Eastwick, a swingman from Camden, NJ? He didn't even make it to the end of his first season in the Bronx.

Eastwick wore out his welcome quickly in New York after signing a five-year, $1.2 million deal (LOL) after the 1977 season. In eight games with the Yankees, he pitched to a 3.28 ERA in 24.2 innings ... and still found himself traded to the Phillies in exchange for prankster Jay Johnstone and Bobby Brown.

Eastwick bounced from Philly to Kansas City to Chicago and out of baseball by the age of 30. Shame he didn't have the game to match the witches who shared his name.