15 free agent (and trade) near-misses that would've changed Yankees history

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Manny Machado Trade, 2018

At the 2018 MLB trade deadline, Orioles star Manny Machado firmly believed he was switching teams in-division and heading to the New York Yankees as Aaron Boone attempted to chase down the 108-win Red Sox from behind.

"'I thought I was going there [to New York],' Machado told reporters Monday in Los Angeles, according to NJ.com. 'I guess the trade didn’t go through and I went to the Dodgers. I don’t really know the full story, but I thought I was going there [to the Yankees].Me and New York go back a long time. I played there (for Baltimore) and fans always showed me love. It’s a special place. … I thought I was going there and then it didn’t happen.'"

Manny Machado

It would've been great. It could've ignited the rivalry after Machado had already become persona non grata in Boston by spiking Dustin Pedroia. It wouldn't have cost that much; the Dodgers eventually dumped Dean Kremer and a number of underwhelming prospects on the Os, who knew they were losing Machado that offseason regardless.

Unfortunately, the Yankees couldn't close the deal.

The Machado rumors didn't end that summer; some believed New York was still the presumptive favorite to sign the star third baseman in free agency following the conclusion of the 2018 World Series.

They ... were not; Cashman, Steinbrenner and Co. didn't open up the wallet that offseason for either Machado or Bryce Harper, preferring to save money for Gerrit Cole the next offseason. Because that's certainly a choice the all-powerful Yankees had to make. One or the other, not both. Never both. Always one. Good stuff.