15 free agent (and trade) near-misses that would've changed Yankees history

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Matt Olson Trade (Rumors), 2021-22

Were the Yankees ever really close to trading for left-handed slugging first baseman Matt Olson? Back in the winter of 2021-22, this seemed like a natural fit for a lefty-light lineup that was prepared to say goodbye to Anthony Rizzo, who fit in nicely in the second half of '21, but wasn't as young or threatening as Olson (or quite as legendary as Freddie Freeman, who was also available).

When the CBA was approved, the Yankees were deemed "not close" to Oakland's asking price, and fans who'd spent the past few months creating fervor on Twitter had to look at themselves in the mirror and decide whether they'd just been writing elaborate fan fiction.

Ultimately, Olson went to the Braves, then immediately signed a long-term deal including a donation to the elusive Braves Foundation. He slugged 34 homers and posted a 122 OPS+.

Rizzo, brought back by the Bombers, whomped 32 homers with a superior 131 OPS+, and didn't require another long-term deal to make the trade a win/isn't weighing on the Yankees' books for longer than two years. Add in the assets surrendered for Olson and the leadership Rizzo provides, and New York might be in a more dangerous position if they'd followed the Twitter leaders here.