15 free agent (and trade) near-misses that would've changed Yankees history

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Shohei Ohtani, 2017

This counts if you categorize it was a "near-miss" to go from the favorite in the clubhouse to sign a player to being the first team eliminated in the chase for his services!

Against all odds, that's what Ohtani did to the Yankees during the 2017-18 offseason after the Bombers appeared to be in the lead to sign the slugger/ace coming out of Japan.

Two days after Brian Cashman scaled a Stamford building for charity and begged for Ohtani from its roof, the star's reps informed the Yankees they wouldn't be involved in the bidding and shouldn't show up to pitch their client. It was a shame for a multitude of reasons, but mainly because Cashman never got to show off his presentation, which he called "impeccable."

Needless to say, the American League playoff picture would probably have looked a little different in 2022 if Judge and Ohtani had been competing for MVP on the same roster.

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