10 former Yankees players that are about have a chance to get a World Series ring

This postseason will have a very familiar flavor. In a weird way.
Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees
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The Likely Forgotten:

Josh H. Smith, Texas Rangers

While Durán has played his way out of postseason consideration with a second-half slump and Otto is a Pad-o now, Josh Smith has found his way into the Rangers' playoff plans by the skin of his teeth.

He doesn't play much; his 73 OPS+ on the season was rewarded with a single appearance in the ALCS and no at-bats. But Smith is certainly involved, and it would be impossible to argue otherwise.

He was a capable middle infielder through all levels of the minors with the Yankees and made his way to the big-league Rangers quite quickly, covering third, left, short and second after his 2022 debut. Unfortunately, he hasn't found the stick yet at the MLB level, following up his rookie .556 OPS with a .633 mark this season.

Texas has been carrying both a third catcher and Smith throughout the postseason, leaving Durán on the sidelines. It's worth watching whether Bruce Bochy finds an extra reliever somewhere between now and Game 1 and carries Smith as just an observer.