10 former Yankees players that are about have a chance to get a World Series ring

This postseason will have a very familiar flavor. In a weird way.
Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees
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While the 2023 Yankees won't be participating in the Fall Classic, and never had a shot to do so, there are plenty of beloved former Yanks who are still alive this October with a chance to capture a title. There are also a few reviled former Yankees who can swipe a ring that'll make you feel weird inside.

Unfortunately, some of these folks are on the same roster, and separating their rings would be impossible. Still, it's a nice thought to have.

The 84-win Diamondbacks and 90-win Texas Rangers are about to match up in the Low Winning Percentage Bowl, but that doesn't make their impending clash any less exciting. The D-Backs are on the come up, led by the likely Rookie of the Year winner, and the Rangers spent like crazy this offseason, effectively patched their holes, and nearly led the AL West wire-to-wire before faltering (and regaining their footing this postseason).

Both teams play a resilient brand of baseball. And one relies on far more former Yankees than the other. Here's the surprisingly large group of ex-Bombers who stand poised to get kinged in a week.

10 Yankees who could earn World Series rings this week

Ex-Yankees Who Probably Won't Be on Roster:

Ezequiel Durán, who somehow played his way off the Rangers postseason roster by the end of the season. He's unlikely to appear -- and never debuted for the Yankees -- but would still get a ring if Texas triumphed (through the efforts of 26 other people).

Ian Kennedy, Texas Rangers. IPK is still kickin' out of the bullpen (and actually returned to the desert with Arizona *last* year). His best season in MLB was 2011 with the Diamondbacks, when he went 21-4 and finished fourth in the Cy Young chase. Now nearly 39, he's on the 60-Day IL after posting a 7.16 ERA in 16 games of relief work this season. Where does the time go? Oh, right. Straight to hell.

Glenn Otto, Texas Rangers. Now a Padre, Otto was sent to Texas in the Joey Gallo trade package as well. 2023's been tough for him; he sustained an oblique injury that landed him on the 60-Day IL, then was DFA'd after returning with a 10.13 ERA. If the Rangers win, though, he (probably) still wins. Unless they really hate him.