WFAN host has insane Josh Donaldson trade proposal Yankees fans will love


The New York Yankees, unfortunately, will continue to face the biggest obstacle of their offseason. They’re reportedly looking to move on from Josh Donaldson and Aaron Hicks, but nobody is interested in acquiring either of them.

Doesn’t really seem like an obstacle, actually. Just seems like the Yankees are stuck with these players and have to live with it.

Or … wait. What if ridiculous trade proposals from WFAN hosts shifted the discourse? Steve Cohen, Billy Eppler, are you guys listening? Does the loss of Carlos Correa have you thinking irrationally? Are you still looking to upgrade at third base, no matter the cost?

Cohen has stopped at nothing (outside of Correa’s ankle) when it comes to spending money. Long-term health concerns and availability is where he drew the line, refusing to go over $157.5 million guaranteed on a deal that had clauses pertaining to his health.

So now that we know the Mets’ limitations when it comes to spending money, how about they take on ~$25 million for really good defense and a bat that has nowhere to go but up? Yes, we’re talking Josh Donaldson, who was floated in a hypothetical trade on WFAN’s “Tiki and Tierney” this week.

This Yankees-Mets Josh Donaldson trade proposal is something

Here’s what co-host Brandon Tierney said after the Mets officially lost out on Correa:

"“Hear me out,” Brandon Tierney said. “Josh Donaldson to the Mets.”“Hold on. Before you laugh…from a Mets point of view, if you think you have a real chance to land Machado this year, which they will, because they will come with the Brinks truck, and Machado is healthier than Correa, and he’s better.“Forget about [Aaron] Boone propping him up as Graig Nettles, Mike Schmidt third baseman at this point with his Platinum Glove. That aside, he can still pick it at third base.“With veteran pitching, and as a one-year rental, as a one-year bridge to a player who is a top-15 player in Manny Machado. I know it sounds terrible, but I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world if Donaldson played third base for the Mets for a year, in case [Brett] Baty is not ready.”"

Seeing as the Mets willingly allowed Jacob deGrom, Chris Bassitt and Taijuan Walker to take more money elsewhere, it’s evident Cohen’s spending sprees indeed have limitations. He’s not feeling pressure to overpay anybody, and anybody he overpays is a necessity. Importing Donaldson for ~$25 million to block Brett Baty really doesn’t feel like it fits that latter category.

Also, Donaldson isn’t exactly a reputable holdover for Manny Machado. Maybe from a defensive perspective, but Donaldson fell off a cliff offensively and is now heading into his age-37 season, so it’s hard to envision a considerable bounce back.

As much as Donaldson going anywhere else would be grounds for a massive celebration, don’t count on it. And please, do not count on Cohen blacking out and waking up with Donaldson on his roster after losing out on Correa.