Boston fans chanting ‘Yankees Suck!’ at Bruins game in Anaheim redefines ‘rent-free’


We thought it was embarrassing enough when Red Sox and Mets fans teamed up to agree upon a “Yankees Suck!” chant midway through one of their uninspiring games at Fenway towards the end of the 2021 season.

We were right. It was embarrassing. But we had no idea how grim this could get until Sunday night in Anaheim, California.

For years, twitchy-nervous Red Sox fans have declared themselves to be living “rent-free” in Yankees fans minds, accusing New Yorkers of stalking their every move out of fear. While it’s true that both sides of the rivalry have an unhealthy obsession with one another, that’s not unprecedented. It isn’t a new phenomenon to be box score-watching your enemy. It’s just much easier now.

Sadly, the proliferation of the term “rent-free” has created an easy deflection for Boston fans who don’t want to engage in the discourse. They’ll care so much about the Yankees’ playoff failures, but as soon as you mention their complete lack of a rotation, it’s “rent-free” and onto the next. Could they be crying inside? It’s highly possible. The term “rent-free” actually translates to “I am sobbing” in ancient Bostonian.

But after nearly a decade of hearing this miserable phrase — and as Astros fans have actually proven themselves to be the rent-free kings, snooping on even the most innocent Yankees-related posts — Boston fans climbed to the mountaintop Sunday night and set up camp, burning their rent checks to stay warm.

What … on earth … is a “Yankees Suck!” chant doing in the third period of a 7-1 Boston Bruins NHL victory over the Anaheim Ducks?

“Yankees Suck!” at Boston Bruins road game is a new low, very funny to the lamest people on earth

While 7-1 does sound like an accurate fourth-inning score for any Nick Pivetta game, that doesn’t mean this was the perfect time to dust off this old chestnut.

Sounds like the Scoop Shop has a new flavor, and it’s extremely salty caramel.

The worst part is, Boston fans have had unprecedented success for two-plus decades now across all sports. The Red Sox have won four distinct titles under four separate regimes with four different cores. The Patriots have not one, but two dynasties under their belt (with the same quarterback). Boston townies would have you believe they’ve never been in a worse spot with those two teams (poor baby!), but meanwhile, the Celtics are No. 1 in the East and the Bruins are literally  32-4-4.

Despite all the success, Boston fans can’t keep their eyes on their own paper, and Bruins hooligans celebrated the only way this city knows how to on Sunday night: getting distracted by the Yankees coming up short.

Quick and unrelated question: How many “Yankees Suck!” chants do you think have interrupted Boston weddings? And how many of those have ended in a messy divorce (as the now-ex-husband eases his pain by thinking about something funny Aroldis Chapman did)?