Yankees News: NYY lose pitcher to Blue Jays, Omar Minaya, Brian Cashman


The New York Yankees lost their new project for Matt Blake nearly as soon as he arrived, as right-handed reliever Junior Fernández was shucked off the roster to make room for Carlos Rodón (solid trade).

Unfortunately, he’s landed in one of the four tied-for-worst spots possible.

Fernández was claimed by the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday, meaning it’ll be the squad north of the border that’ll get the next chance to unlock the righty’s turbo sinker after the Cardinals and Pirates threw up the white flag.

The right-hander’s highlight package was condensed and impressive, but he ran out of runway in St. Louis after one last season where even the positive results (2.93 ERA in 15.1 innings in 2022) didn’t match the metrics (5.85 FIP, 1.63 WHIP).

Hopefully, he’s less “Clay Holmes” and more “Darren Holmes” in Toronto.

More New York Yankees News:

Days after former Giants GM (and co-founder of the Core Four) Brian Sabean was added to Brian Cashman’s front office, the Yankees also imported Omar Minaya as an advisor.

Formerly of the Mets and Expos, Minaya is an older-school personnel guy who reportedly represents a dedicated shift toward balancing out modern analytics with scouting expertise.

Sabean made clear on his conference call with Yankees reporters that his singular goal is helping this team win the World Series, something he’s done three times since New York’s most recent title. When his contract with the Giants expired, he asked into the Yankees’ business, a welcome departure from people running away from Cashman’s kingdom for years.

Minaya represents another keen eye in the player development and front office ranks. No, the recently-extended Cashman isn’t on the “hot seat,” but it’s obvious he’s acquiescing to differing opinions from whatever Michael Fishman’s computer spits out.

Analytics: Good. Balance: Also Good. The Astros learned that in recent years, even though it infuriated Jim Crane, for whatever reason.

MLB News:

  • The Red Sox and Rafael Devers agreed to an 11-year extension, broken by Carlos Baerga on Instagram. Meanwhile, Albert Belle just broke news that a dozen wings are half off at Hooters: Minneapolis Airport. This alters the trade market and saves Boston from the absolute depths, but it was a move Chaim Bloom (and ownership) had to make.
  • The Mets and Carlos Correa are reportedly moving towards a resolution. That resolution? “Let’s do another month.”
  • Andrew Benintendi was introduced in Chicago this week. Per reports, the Yankees still aren’t willing to go beyond three years, and it also hasn’t mattered for weeks.