Pirates insider approves this hypothetical Yankees-Bryan Reynolds trade package


Per recent reports, it’s become difficult to see how the New York Yankees end up swinging a trade for Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star outfielder Bryan Reynolds before the 2023 season begins.

Jon Morosi’s final update of 2022 put the Yankees among the “finalists” for a Reynolds deal, alongside the Mariners and Dodgers, but came with requisite caution. Pittsburgh seeks upper-level, near-big-league-ready pitching in exchange for their top commodity. The Yankees don’t have nearly as much of that as they used to, and the Dodgers’ system dwarfs their mound presence.

Seattle? They cleared out their farm for Luis Castillo, but could be willing to trade George Kirby, Emerson Hancock and Matt Brash. It’s a bit of robbing Peter to pay Paul, but … it still satisfies the Pittsburgh ask better than the Yankees’ potential offers.

Even with the Mariners depleted, New York feels like a clear third-place finisher in these sweepstakes, like the sad third stool occupant in a “Survivor” finale whose name never gets written on a slip of paper.

Before the Yankees’ torch officially gets snuffed, though, Athletic Pirates beat writer Rob Biertempfel went to bat for them, responding favorably to a fan’s hypothetical Reynolds offer that sounds doable. Any chance the Yankees can actually get in Pittsburgh’s ear and turn the tides by offering Jasson Dominguez instead of the pitching they desire?

Could Yankees secure Bryan Reynolds with Jasson Dominguez trade package?

According to Biertempfel, a package of Dominguez, Clayton Beeter and Yoendrys Gomez could have “some legs.”

The only questions still remaining here, of course, surround the Pittsburgh assessment of Beeter. Dominguez is a massive get, but isn’t such an overwhelming sure thing that his star power would coat the rest of the deal in a musky air of superiority. Does Pittsburgh believe in Beeter? Would they be willing to accept Will Warren, or someone else, in his place?

Even with Dominguez involved in the deal (The Athletic’s analysis makes it seem as if Oswald Peraza, too, is off the table), the Yankees would need to polish this off with a pair of pitchers from the middle of their farm system. If the Pirates can find one centerpiece pitcher they believe in, this could actually progress — unless the Dodgers add Bobby Miller and Maddux Bruns, which another fan in the article theorized. In that case, it’s probably over.