Jack Curry’s Twitter hacker completely blew it and didn’t even tease Yankees fans


And here I am thinking the Dark Web had some standards. Shame on me for feeling as if nefarious/criminal activity should be more calculated and nuanced. Instead, we’re delving into the world of random acts of chaos. Have we no integrity anymore?

On Tuesday night, New York Yankees insider and YES Network’s Jack Curry had his Twitter account hacked in bizarre fashion. And the hacker is apparently still at large. Curry’s @ remains the same, but his profile name is “Hector Monsegur” while his profile description reads “Where ya net? Where ya threat? Still mobbin wit 12 routers like a dos pro.” There’s no profile or banner picture anymore after some inappropriate ones were taken down.

Someone from the depths of Reddit had to have been responsible for this because none of it is comprehensible.

And that leads us to the prevailing sentiment on Yankees Twitter: why didn’t the hacker take advantage of Curry’s gigantic audience (158K followers) and have some fun by “breaking” fake trades to turn the baseball world upside down?

Do you kids not know who Curry is? He’s the most trusted Yankees insider. Whatever he says eventually turns out to be true. Whatever he says is considered gospel among the fans.

Jack Curry had his Twitter account hacked and Yankees fans are upset

Instead, this buffoon decided to hype up some crypto (Polygon??) and some really bad music tracks. Really? Read the room! There are hundreds of crypto peddlers with big followings and even more disappointing “musicians” with platforms to promote this bottom of the barrel trash.

No fake Bryan Reynolds trade? No fake Ian Happ buzz? Not even a tease regarding potential available options on the Diamondbacks or Cardinals?

Hacking and impersonating, once believed to be a wicked art, is officially lost on us now. It’s now aimless and arbitrary, as we continue to lose faith in society, no matter how low we go.


Could’ve tweeted a fake trade and then plopped your YouTube video right underneath it in the replies! Could’ve done so much more, but there’s no sense in attempting to inspire creativity after this colossal failure at Twitter Hacking Art.

Clearly, this hacker took a page out of the guy who swiped Jeff Passan’s personal info and turned his profile into an NFT wasteland. What’re we doing here?

Once upon a time, there were standards, even among the worst of us. Curry’s hacker proved we’re just moving further and further away from that once honorable reality.