Yankees better not blow Carlos Rodón chase after latest revelation


From the Dodgers to the Giants, to the Rangers and Red Sox, to the Twins and Cardinals, left-handed All-Star Carlos Rodón has been connected to a plethora of teams after his second consecutive Cy Young-caliber season.

Out of all of them, the Yankees are reportedly the one he prefers to join. With that in mind, it’s beyond time for Hal Steinbrenner to usher him in the door and figure out a compromise on his reported seven-year, $200 million contract ask.

If one of the other teams wants to approach that number? Well, then it’s time for Steinbrenner to bit his tongue and match it.

Left-handed firebreathers with a perfect attitude and East Coast presence don’t come around — at the age of 30 — every offseason. They also don’t typically pick the Yankees, then wait around for the Yankees to pick them back.

According to insider Brendan Kuty on Tuesday, the Yankees are Rodón’s preferred destination, while the Cardinals and Twins remain seriously interested. The Giants signed a sixth starter, a few hours before this tweet was released, in Ross Stripling, though SF Chronicle beat writer Susan Slusser still doesn’t think they’re out on Rodón yet.

All things considered, the Yankees have the biggest need — and have captured the heart of the player. At this point, there’s no excuse not to find the finish line together.

Yankees Carlos Rodón’s preferred destination; Cardinals, Twins involved in rumors

CC Sabathia, the last free agent left-hander of this magnitude to join the Yankees back in 2009, can also be added to the plume of recent smoke, following Jack Curry, Mark Feinsand, Jon Morosi and Jon Heyman (who says the Yankees presented a formal offer on either Monday or Tuesday).

Sabathia, like Curry (and, apparently, the team) believes Rodón’s attitude will be a uniquely perfect fit in the Bronx — and, remember, the team tried to cultivate ‘tude with Josh Donaldson last offseason. This would make more sense. Just takes one watch of a Rodón highlight reel to see there’s something special here.

Yes, there are injury risks here (though Rodón already had Tommy John surgery in 2019). Yes, Curry did a little negotiating on YES Network yesterday, asking whether the Yankees planned to swim in the financial waters necessary to sign Rodón.

If Rodón wants to choose you and franchise legends are openly sharing their thoughts on the potential fit, though, it’s probably time to stop haggling pretty soon.