4 big moves at Winter Meetings Yankees fans should be anticipating

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Jose Quintana #62 of the St. Louis Cardinals (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)
Jose Quintana #62 of the St. Louis Cardinals (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images) /

3. Low-Leverage Starting Pitcher Signed (or Traded For)

A classic Cashman move that happens twice per year — once in the offseason, and then again at the trade deadline. The man loves acquiring mediocre pitching to fill out the back end of the starting rotation. It’s rarely ever the “right” move, but you can bet he’ll be doing it again after Jameson Taillon hit free agency.

Right now, Cashman said he’s content entering the 2023 season with Gerrit Cole, Nestor Cortes, Luis Severino, Frankie Montas and Domingo German as his starting rotation … but come on. Montas offered nothing to be inspired by, and German is better suited to make spot starts and come out of the bullpen for long relief appearances.

Don’t expect a high-profile signing or trade, though. There are not a whole lot of options on either market. Justin Verlander, Jacob deGrom and Carlos Rodón probably aren’t happening. Think more like Jose Quintana or Michael Wacha. Even the middle class options of Chris Bassitt and Nathan Eovaldi don’t seem within the Yankees’ reach. As for the trade market, it’s barren. Guys like Shane Beiber, Lucas Giolito and Pablo Lopez have been floated as possible trade candidates, but they’ll cost a steep price. And who else is selling? Most of the AL isn’t, whereas the NL doesn’t have a whole lot to offer.

Prepare to be underwhelmed! Hope to be surprised.