Gleyber Torres pals around with Jose Altuve in cursed Yankees image


After the New York Yankees had originally blocked Gleyber Torres from playing winter ball, the team relented and consented to their current second baseman*** heading to Venezuela — just in time for the league’s Home Run Derby.

When the Yankees initially balked at Torres’ request, it felt like a surefire sign that the team planned on trading him. After all, what franchise wants to take a chance that one of their best assets will get hurt during offseason competition ahead of the Winter Meetings?

Now, though, it seems like the Yankees’ plan might have been different. Maybe they always intended to send Torres to Venezuela, setting him up for some easy photo ops with fellow countryman Jose Altuve, souring the fan base on him forever before pulling the trigger on a Mariners trade.

Altuve and Torres were both in the mix for a Home Run Derby title Monday, which Braves star Ronald Acuña Jr. ultimately took home.

Torres, though, did drill seven home runs in the opening round, which was seven more than Altuve managed. L-O-L.

Yankees star Gleyber Torres buddies up with Jose Altuve at Home Run Derby

Unfortunately, the biggest swing and a miss of all didn’t come from the diminutive second baseman. Rather, it came from Torres’ decision to put his arm around Altuve during a pre-challenge picture, something no one else on the dais appeared to be doing.

It’s almost like Torres was bored of his own trade rumors stalling ahead of the Winter Meetings, and tried to get Yankees Twitter to deal him to Seattle already by creating the still-image version of the video from The Ring.

Is it acceptable for Torres to put his arm around Altuve, who apparently “hated the 2017 bangs” so much that he allowed his teammates to continue to do them during all other at-bats/benefitted from ill-gotten runners on base and rattled pitchers/kept the ring he earned by cheating? Of course! Torres and Altuve are countrymen, first and foremost, and the Yankees’ second baseman wasn’t even on the 2017 team.

That doesn’t mean this picture won’t make your uncle cringe, though. Cringe, uncles. Cringe!

Is Torres the new Reggie Jackson? Does that mean he’s about to be dealt to the Angels? Many people are saying.