2022 Bowman Chrome checklist features Yankees top prospect’s expensive first autograph


There’s no definitive word yet on whether Yankees top international signee Roderick Arias is the next Jasson Dominguez — heck, there’s no word yet on whether Dominguez himself is the Dominguez we thought he was — but one thing’s for certain: his first MLB-licensed baseball card is selling similarly.

The much-anticipated 2022 Bowman Chrome series hits shelves at the end of November, a departure from the brand’s typical mid-summer release. The checklist was kept under lock and key until recent days, when Topps was finally ready to unveil their hard work.

As has been the case for the past few iterations of the product, the drool-worthy autograph checklist features a few top names from 2021’s draft who didn’t make it into the previous edition of Bowman Draft Picks (Brady House, Jackson Merrill). Also featured are some of the top unrepresented international signings and recent breakout prospects (think Ceddanne Rafaela of the Red Sox).

That means Arias, the No. 1 prospect in 2021-22’s international class, finally gets his shine in this year’s product, too. And that shine? Is looking highly shiny.

If Yankees fans are after Arias’ speckle auto parallels, they might just have to take out a second mortgage, as early sales are inching past the $1,000 mark.

2022 Bowman Chrome Roderick Arias Yankees autographs will be $$$

Maybe wait ’til the base version drops.

Other members of the Yankees family represented in this year’s checklist include first Bowman autos of Ben Cowles and Cooper Bowman who was, uh, traded to the Oakland A’s in the Frankie Montas deal.

Not bad news, though. Just means you can focus more of your finances on Arias.

According to card hawks in the know, this year’s Bowman Chrome product seems poised to double up the shelf traffic of its recent competitors. Topps appears to have jacked up the print run while keeping the product full of hype-worthy cards, so it might take a few more boxes than normal for you to get your hands on an Arias or two.

As for Dominguez’s 2020 Bowman Chrome autos? They’re still fairly unaffordable, but a Bowman’s Best autographed first-year card could be had for around $120, if that’s your thing.

We know that’s not your thing, though. You ravenously clicked this article looking for the Chrome checklist. You want the Chrome.

This isn’t typically a very Yankees-heavy product, and 2022’s edition seems to be no different. But like 2020, there’s one big Yankee fish included, which should drive sales and bum you out after you’ve ripped 300 Arias-free packs.

Sorry. There’s always the bike spokes.