Insane ‘column’ from San Francisco media should take Giants out of Aaron Judge race


OK, so whose fault is this? MLB insider Jon Heyman, who even bothered to write about Samantha Judge’s participation in the New York City Marathon as a “positive sign” Aaron Judge remains with the Yankees? Or the San Francisco media for crafting a snarky 100-word response to that?

Was this even long enough to be considered a column since half of it was a block quote from Heyman’s article? Look, the New York media is rough, but it doesn’t do stuff like this.

In this SFGate piece titled, “I really hope Aaron Judge’s wife didn’t run a marathon as a decoy,” Heyman’s inside information was belittled in such a condescending way that it was actually impressive. To do that in 100 words is cutting edge. Is this the new frontier of the internet? Perhaps we should learn something from it.

But a Yankees executive wondering if this helped Judge’s case to remain a Yankee is hardly a stretch. The rival agent who spoke to Heyman and questioned whether it was a “ploy to show other teams of interest in New York” was getting a bit too conspiracy-y, but Judge’s free agency is going to be a publicized as anybody’s in recent memory.

Then again, maybe Judge should think twice about heading back home because there’s nothing to suggest this kind of weird coverage would stop once he arrives in the Bay Area.

The Yankees have a leg up on the Giants in the Aaron Judge chase, we hope

Also, how did Samantha run the marathon in “painful” fashion? The winner of the race came in at 2:08:41. That’s a 4:55 pace per mile. That’s legitimately the best you’ll see in the entire world.

Samantha finished in four hours and 12 minutes, averaging 9:36 per mile. Pretty damn fine for someone who isn’t a professional runner aspiring to win the New York City marathon!

How do we have so much to nitpick over something so meaningless and minuscule?

Giants president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi said this week that no free agent would be ruled out of the team’s capability to sign and that it’s a matter of mutual interest.

If Judge’s hypothetical interest has waned whatsoever as it pertains to the Giants, SFGate might have to fall on the sword.

Wait a minute … the publication is owned by Hearst Communications which is … based on New York City? What have we done? Did we just get got?