Former Yankee Jordan Montgomery looks unrecognizable in photo with Jameson Taillon


Though general manager Brian Cashman’s once-reviled trade for outfielder Harrison Bader that saw Jordan Montgomery end up as a St. Louis Cardinal actually ended up working out nicely for the New York Yankees, that doesn’t change anyone’s overall feelings about Monty and the effect his departure had on the team chemistry.

When fans saw Yankees players cheering on the left-hander’s early success in St. Louis and heard Jameson Taillon’s comments immediately after the trade, it was clear the front office did not think about the human element before pulling the trigger.

That perspective is alive and well just days into the offseason, too, because Taillon and Monty are already kicking it together in New Orleans.

Taillon, now also a former Yankee having hit free agency, posted a picture with Montgomery in New Orleans. At first glance, without seeing the tags, many didn’t immediately realize it was Monty, either.

In case anybody needed more proof of the Yankees’ facial hair policy being outdated, perhaps this will help. Even Taillon said “f— it, I’m growing out my peach fuzz the second this damn season is over.”

Former Yankees pitcher Jordan Montgomery looks unrecognizable with long beard

Montgomery already had a beard with the Cardinals (he didn’t hesitate to live out his facial hair dreams the moment he was sent out of the Bronx), but it was much easier to identify him on the mound in a baseball jersey.

Monty on the street? Not so much. He’s now your everyday pedestrian unbeholden to an arbitrary set of rules dictating one’s appearance.

The Yankees tried to change the way he looked and control the way he pitched. Seems like they failed in both departments. Perhaps now Cardinals fans think they can swipe another prized Yankees asset as a result, huh?

Catapult us into a two-foot ditch if Aaron Judge goes to St. Louis in free agency. That would be unconscionable.

Anyway, in exchange for Monty, the Yankees got a motivated, clean-shaven Bader who seemingly enjoys wearing the pinstripes and doesn’t have any complaints thus far. Fans will take that as a win, but it still hurts seeing former players linking up in situations like this because it shows the Yankees played a wedge in between a bond. Maybe someday they’ll get it.