Brian Cashman all but confirms Yankees won’t go after top free agent shortstops


If New York Yankees fans out there were hoping the reports about the team staying away from yet another high-profile free agent class of shortstops were untrue … well you might want to become grounded in reality sooner rather than later!

At the general managers meetings in Las Vegas, Brian Cashman fielded some questions from reporters, ranging from Aaron Judge to the Yankees’ 2023 budget to what types of free agents he’ll be looking to add to the roster.

When he answered a question pertaining to that last topic, he pretty much confirmed the Yankees wouldn’t be shopping around for the top shortstops/middle infielders on the open market.

He said the shortstop and second base positions will be filled in the spring due to the presence of top young players Anthony Volpe, Oswald Peraza and Oswaldo Cabrera. We’re not sure what that means for Gleyber Torres, but unless the Yankees do a 180 on how they feel about their prospects, they will not be going after any of Trea Turner, Carlos Correa, Dansby Swanson or Xander Bogaerts.

Some fans might be frustrated with this, but it was always the plan. The Yankees knew these star-studded classes were coming for years but opted to remain on the path they chose.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman all but confirmed no free agent shortstops will be pursued

Many have clamored for Turner or Swanson. Some have been willing to sell their souls for Correa or Bogaerts. Keep dreaming!

There is a shred of good news, though. Cashman expressed confidence in Volpe making an impact next year and didn’t rule out the organization’s top prospect being the team’s starting shortstop in 2023.

Maybe that means Peraza is used as trade bait to fill another void? Maybe that means Torres is traded to clear some payroll, Volpe and Peraza take over at shortstop and second base, Cabrera holds down a utility role, and the Yankees figure out other ways to upgrade and use their money?

That wouldn’t be the worst plan. It’d at least be a departure from what happened the last few years where Torres and Isiah Kiner-Falefa were forced into the starting shortstop job while other up-and-coming options weren’t given a proper chance.

If there’s a world in which the Yankees cash in on their most valuable prospects and play them early and often, trade/release others on the active roster to either acquire different assets or shed payroll, and retain Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo while exploring a few other notable free agents, it’d be hard to call that an unsuccessful offseason.

Just expect Josh Donaldson to stay, because he continues to get votes of confidence on top of his salary being untradeable. Fans wanting him gone is a beyond reasonable ask, but it seems this is something the Yankees are going to have to work around in 2023.

Once Yankees fans understand that any positive update will always be attached with something rather unpleasant, the easier this entire offseason will be.