Wandy Peralta’s end-of-season IG post to Yankees fans shows he ‘gets it’


Whether it was true or not, the report from SNY’s Andy Martino about New York Yankees players being “shocked” they (and Aaron Judge) were booed during their brutal ALCS showing, it still casts a poor look on the organization.

Would it be preferable if the fans didn’t boo? Yeah, that’d probably be nice. Would it also be preferable if the Yankees didn’t have one of the worst offensive postseasons in history and get swept by the team that has had their number since 2017? Yeah, that would’ve been helpful, too.

But the fact of the matter is that it’s reached this point for a reason. The Yankees have largely been dreadful for 13 years with the financial and intelligence resources they have at their disposal. Richest organization in the sport. Misusing funds and restricting themselves when they don’t need to.

So, the tired excuse of Yankees fans being “spoiled” no longer applies. This fan base lives and dies with every single pitch each and every season. People pay thousands of dollars to attend games and support the team. Not winning a World Series in 13 years is a sore subject, but that’s not the source of frustration here. Being embarrassed and having the some old narratives characterize October baseball for the better part of two decades is the problem.

Instead of listening to Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman ramble about nothing, as well as reports about Yankees players not being able to handle the heat, fans should cleanse their timeline with Wandy Peralta’s end-of-season Instagram post (follow the link) to feel better about everything.

Wandy Peralta’s end-of-season message to Yankees fans was awesome

After seeing this, one can hope Martino’s report came from a couple disgruntled players, and that the feeling of experiencing an “unusually brutal experience” wasn’t a widely held one among the Yankees’ clubhouse.

Peralta’s post embodies exactly what the Yankees need to do: immediately put this in the rearview and start focusing on how to bounce back in 2023. Players dwelling on the fans being unruly or fans dwelling on the players’ inadequate performances isn’t going to accomplish anything.

It’s especially refreshing to see one of the Yankees’ top contributors in the postseason send this kind of message to the fans. Peralta was a workhorse, pitching 8.2 innings in the two series and allowing three runs on nine hits and a walk.

Plowing ahead with this kind of attitude will do the team some good. Playing in New York is a different experience — and sometimes an unfortunate one — for many players. To prevent things from spiraling too far, players can’t be rattled by outside noise or unsavory responses from analysts, fans, etc.

Peralta’s message will hopefully serve as an example to handle these types of situations, as the Yankees attempt to navigate a very uncertain offseason that lies ahead.