Yankees fans will love Nick Castellanos’ suspected dig at Astros, Jose Altuve


At this juncture of the postseason, somebody else is going to have to do the New York Yankees’ work for them. They were bounced in embarrassing fashion and have no leg to stand on when it comes to talking trash.

But the Philadelphia Phillies? They’re in a position to do whatever they want, and Yankees fans are welcome to join the bandwagon as Philly battles the Houston Astros in the World Series. It’s the sole luxury of an early playoff exit.

So, after Game 1 of the Fall Classic that saw the Phillies capture a 6-5 victory all the while avoiding the Astros getting away with some slimey tactics, veteran outfielder Nick Castellanos (apparently) had a message for the home team and its star player Jose Altuve, if we’re deciphering this correctly.

Castellanos pulled up his shirt after the win in what seemed to be a joke proving that he wasn’t wearing a buzzer, something that was alleged the Astros were doing as they elevated their sign-stealing scandal (but was never proven).

The story behind Castellanos’ celebration hasn’t been proven either, so it’d be cool if someone could ask him. Maybe when the series returns to Philly and he’s more comfortable firing shots on his home turf?

Did Nick Castellanos troll the Astros and Jose Altuve for cheating? Yankees fans wonder

Castellanos also made a game-saving catch in the bottom of the ninth when he dove in right field to snag the final out off the bat of Jeremy Peña after Altuve had stolen second base to put the game-winning run in scoring position.

On the offensive side of things, he knocked in the Phillies’ first run when they were trailing 5-0, which started the rally. So whether he was showing off his abs or showing up the Astros, he earned it. And Yankees fans can enjoy for their viewing pleasure.

Yankees fans remember Altuve’s 2019 walk-off homer in Game 6 of the ALCS all too well. Altuve crossed home plate, held his jersey close to his chest and continued to yell and motion “no” as if to let his teammates know not to tear it off. Later on, Carlos Correa, his teammate at the time, told the media that Altuve was shy and trying to hide an “unfinished” tattoo on his collarbone. We were also told his wife hates it when he gets shirtless on the field. So which was it? Combination of the three?

In February during spring training the next season, he was parading around the locker room shirtless and in front of the media. Last season, he had no problem getting his jersey ripped off on the field after a walk-off in July. The tattoo? Pretty much nothing.

Maybe Castellanos kept up with that storyline. Maybe he was just flexing after his team stole Game 1 despite the opposition’s best attempts at trying to gain an edge (Aledmys Diaz’s HBP antics and Martin Maldonado’s illegal bat).

Either way, Yankees fans are loving it. And they’ll run with the more fun anecdote behind the gesture until they’re told otherwise.