Yankees’ motivation tactic for ALCS Game 4 proves everyone should be fired


Ever wonder why something’s always “off” with this team? Last year, it was as clear as day there were clubhouse issues with the New York Yankees, and though fans couldn’t put their finger on it, the offseason moves clearly showed there needed to be a cleanse.

Dating back to 2018, there’s always been something. Choking against the Red Sox. Blowing it repeatedly against the Astros. Getting punked by the Rays. And it’s all occurred under the same management: GM Brian Cashman tag-teaming with manager Aaron Boone.

In 2022, fans initially bought into this being a “special” season. Now? They can’t wait for it to end as Game 4 of the ALCS is on deck for Sunday night.

Speaking of that, the Yankees are in an 0-3 hole. The only other team to overcome that deficit? The 2004 Red Sox, who all but officially began the new narrative of the Yankees tripping over themselves in the postseason. If you ask any Yankees fan, they never want to see or hear about it again. The re-runs during “The Captain” were enough.

But for Boone and his coaching staff, apparently it’s appropriate to use that as a motivation tactic as the Yankees attempt to save face in Game 4. “Hey, check this out. The moment that set this franchise into a tailspin for the last 18 years is one we can learn from as we’re in the exact same position against a team that repeatedly owns us. Fuel up. Watch the team you play for fall apart at the seams in historic fashion and try to do what the team you hate most did in this situation.”

The Yankees need to clean house after we learned of the team’s motivation tactic before ALCS Game 4

Yet another moment of “not getting it.” Boone had no experience as manager before being hired by the Yankees. And he has marginally changed that over the course of FIVE seasons. His lineups and pitching decisions this series told you that already, though.

Additionally, prior to Game 4, Boone said he was “confused” by the critique of Josh Donaldson, who has objectively been one of the three worst offensive players on the team all year, this postseason. Donaldson is hitting .200 with 13 strikeouts in eight playoff games. You might point to his .375 OBP, but it’s done NOTHING for this offense whatsoever. He registered a career-worst season in 2022 despite being surrounded by the best hitters in the league.

Funny how Boone then went on to say it’s been a group-wide struggle. And he’s right. Nobody’s gotten the job done. Nobody’s even come close.

Perhaps that’s a reflection on management? A reflection on the voice in the room attempting to motivate these guys?

The mental skills coach should be the first to go, just so Cashman and Boone can get one last power move in before they’re both tossed off the moving train. This has to end, and it has to end the moment the Yankees season concludes.