Video emerges of Astros fan rushing field, hugging Jose Altuve vs Yankees


It’s 2022, otherwise known as the sixth consecutive postseason where the New York Yankees are attempting to prove that they’ve built a better roster than the Houston Astros.

Thus far, no dice. Houston fans still love their team known for unpunished cheating, dominating the Yankees once again with a roster that’s turned almost all the way over from the 2017 series that changed the baseball world.

This is, like, the third generation of Astros led by Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and Co. in a six-year span, and every single one of those generations has been better than the Yankees. Tough pill to swallow. We could really use a hug. But not from this guy.

Prior to the ninth inning of Game 2, an Astros fan in a Craig Biggio jersey — who was roughly Craig Biggio’s height — delayed things for several minutes so that he could hug Altuve and ask for a victory because he’d paid a lot of money for his tickets. During the delay, Astros closer Ryan Pressly did … nothing, stalking around the mound rather than throwing any warmup pitches.

This could’ve been it! A chance for the Yankees to take aim at a suddenly-cold Pressly, someone they’ve hit well in the past (Aaron Hicks…). Instead, both Anthony Rizzo and Gleyber Torres went down swinging, befuddled by 89 MPH in the middle of the zone. RIP Rally Hug Guy.

Yankees should’ve rallied after Astros fan hugged Jose Altuve

The final out of the game was somehow even worse. After a valiant Josh Donaldson at-bat (???) resulting in a two-out walk, Matt Carpenter came up short on a curve in the dirt, failing to check his swing and striking out for the seventh time in seven chances this postseason.

It would have felt more reasonable, at that point, for an angry Yankee fan to sprint onto the field and give Carpenter a piece of his mind.

But nope. It’s an era of good feelings for Astros fans. Sure, they still want to commit crimes, but now they’re crimes of passion. They just want hugs and selfies. This cockroach team is somehow the good guys now.

After a fan interrupted the Astros’ seamless shot at victory just before the biggest inning of the game, the Yankees had a clear chance to pivot the series and create a rally out of thin air.

Instead, they went down silently and spent the postgame complaining about the wind and the ballpark’s roof.

Man, how did this Astros fan even get to Altuve without the super-strong Mega Wind blowing him over?! Really makes you think. Really makes you stew in your own emotions. Really makes you sleep for 72 hours.