Did Astros troll Yankees with choice for 2022 ALCS Game 1 first pitch?


If you ever find yourself asking, “Did the Astros troll the Yankees here?” the answer is universally yes. The Astros always beat the Yankees, and Astros fans hate the Yankees immensely. It’s a devastating combo, and accusations of rent-free living certainly go both ways in the rivalry.

Similarly, if you ask yourself, “Hey, were Yankees fans just chanting ‘F*** Altuve’ during a day game against the Cubs?” the answer is going to be a yes as well.

That said, Houston’s choice for the ceremonial first pitch before ALCS Game 1 in H-Town Wednesday is a curious one.

There are plenty of Astros legends, but very few of them are also multi-World Champion Cy Young-winning Yankees.

That makes the decision to go with Roger Clemens a curious one, unless the Astros’ front office was specifically trying to create an awkward situation.

Yankees getting trolled by Astros with Roger Clemens first pitch?

Clemens is a Texan through-and-through, and his allegiances aren’t split at all, as the right-hander very plainly laid out ahead of Game 1.

That shouldn’t shock Yankee fans. Clemens left New York for Houston after the 2003 season following what was supposed to be a retirement, winning another Cy Young in 2004 for the Astros and finishing third in 2005. When he realized the rotation was a man short, he brought Andy Pettitte with him for 2004, indirectly causing the Yankees’ postseason collapse to the Red Sox when they were a starter or two short.

Needless to say, there’s no love lost between the two sides, and there’s a lot of Longhorn love for Clemens in Houston.

Still … still … even some Astros fans seem to think this is a little weird.

Houston poached Reggie Jackson from the Yankees, too, plopped him in the front office, put an Altuve jersey on him, and even they wouldn’t dare go to that confusing well before Game 1.

Maybe Game 2, though. Shameless trolls.

Take any Astros response about this decision with a grain of salt. They obviously thought it’d be kind of funny to trot out a legend who is shared by both franchises for Game 1.

Only one thing left for the Yankees to do. Lance Berkman first pitch for Game 3.