3 players who should make Yankees’ ALDS roster but won’t

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Greg Weissert #85 of the New York Yankees (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

2. Greg Weissert

(Bill Simmons voice) We … we sure Greg Weissert isn’t ready? Wasn’t he getting an audition in August? The right-hander seems to have found his footing in recent weeks, and possesses a biting slider that’s already earned more trust than anything Aroldis Chapman can offer.

And yet … not really a part of the conversation.

Weissert’s much-anticipated debut was less than spectacular (he, uh … he hit everyone), but outside of being tagged by Carlos Correa and struggling at the Trop in Sept., he hasn’t done much wrong since then in the few opportunities he’s gotten.

The 27-year-old with the fantastic breaker is likely to be a major part of the Yankees’ bullpen mix next season, and hasn’t allowed a run in 3.2 MLB innings since the Correa Game while also throwing a pair of shutout innings late in the Triple-A season.

All in, Weissert struck out 70 batters in 48 Triple-A innings this year with an 0.90 WHIP and 1.69 ERA, all numbers that suggest he could make a Marinaccio-like leap in 2023 as long as he stays healthy.

Weissert would likely only be used in low-ish leverage opportunities this October, and it makes sense why he’s about to be left out, in that case. But would you really rather see Miguel Castro, if all other options have been exhausted? What about Chappy?

Sure, if Weissert’s playoff debut looks like his regular-season debut, the Yankees would be in trouble. But Chapman is a known quantity. This deserved to be a conversation.