Yankees’ John Sterling made it to Texas, unleashed joyful call of Aaron Judge’s 62nd HR


Lucky for Yankees icon John Sterling, Aaron Judge’s AL record-breaking 62nd home run was high, far, and most definitely not caught — unless you’re counting the millionaire wealth manager in the seats.

Sterling has self-restricted his travel in the second half of 2022, leading to multiple successors getting their feet wet in his wake. Pa Pinstripe wouldn’t want you to call the likes of Justin Shackil and Rickie Ricardo “successors,” though. They’ve just been keeping the seat warm on long road trips for the man who has no intention of hanging them up just yet.

After all, history could be around the corner on any given day. In a meaningless four-game series in Texas alone, the Yankees nearly threw a no-hitter (Luis Severino), nearly set a record for double plays in a game (woof), and did watch their teammate crack the American League record-setting home run on Tuesday evening.

Sterling, against all odds and in bucking his own personal preferences, was in the building.

Instead of handing off the game to an underling or staying in the Bronx to call the moment via a television monitor, the 84-year-old announcer with the July 4 birthday let some of his emotions out off-mic, flailing and fist-pumping in secret as the ball hit the bleachers.

Well, sorry, John. Your secret’s out. You were excited for this one, and now the world knows it. How do you LIKE that?

Yankees announcer John Sterling got to witness Aaron Judge’s 62nd HR in person

Be honest. The fist pump to the sky, meant for no one, when Sterling crescendoed on, “Gone!” was adorable.

Say what you will about the man’s ability to continue to call games regularly, but he has a deep, abiding appreciation for history. Plus, he’s the voice Yankees fans grew up with. A record-setting homer, no-hitter, or world title without Sterling behind the mic would just feel … different. If some of you outsiders are beyond ready for that, fine. Great. Maybe defer to the lifers on this one, though.

Sterling requires a scaled-back workload for many reasons, at this time, so it’s additionally gratifying that he was able to extend himself just a bit and deliver a clean, classic call packed with overflowing enthusiasm.

Just yesterday, it seemed like Judge’s moment might never come. He’d be stuck nestling Roger Maris forever, and all preparation — from Sterling to Michael Kay to thousands of unreleased shirts and autograph inscriptions — would be for naught.

Now, Sterling gets an unexpected, additional feather in his cap that clearly meant a lot to him. Very glad this video was captured and released.