Yankees-Sox and Aaron Judge’s Roger Maris record chase stays on Apple TV+


The New York Yankees cannot pick and choose the day when Aaron Judge will (hopefully!) pass Roger Maris’ AL (and Yankees) home run record of 61. The day may be fast approaching, though, after blasts 58 and 59 left the park in Milwaukee on Sunday, and the team is preparing for the arrival of some pretty big numbers.

Maris’ family is beginning to assemble in the Bronx, as they did in St. Louis back in 1998 when Mark McGwire initially captured America’s attention with his dramatically-completed chase. Maris’ two sons will be at Tuesday night’s game, while other family members will arrive Wednesday. Presuming Judge doesn’t hit three in the series opener, they’ll have a very solid chance of witnessing history on this homestand.

That’s where things get tricky, though. The Yankees are broadcasting both games of the two-game set against the Pirates on their very-own YES Network, with a handpicked team in studio, in the booth, and in Ohio (Hi, Paul O’Neill!) to carry the moment home.

On Thursday, though, the Yankees start a four-game series with the Red Sox, and the first two contests will be taken to alternate broadcast locations.

The series opener will be on FOX, without the gravitas of Joe Buck heading the production. And Game 2 of the set, which seems to fall right in line with when Judge is most likely to clock 62 (after all, Maris hit 61 against the Sox to the short porch in right), will be on AppleTV+, a difficult-to-find option for fans of a certain age who care most about this milestone.

And it ain’t moving. According to Andrew Marchand, Friday night’s game will remain free to stream on AppleTV+, a devastating blow to Michael Kay’s ego.

Yankees and Aaron Judge’s pursuit of Roger Maris’ record will air on Apple TV+ Friday vs Red Sox

According to the New York Post, the AppleTV+ game isn’t going anywhere:

"If it happens, the booth of Stephen Nelson, Hunter Pence and Katie Nolan will have a chance to put their signature on the moment.While the Apple TV+ games are free, there is a segment of the audience — presumably older — who dearly care about seeing Roger Maris’ record being tied or broken and still are likely having a little trouble accessing it.An MLB spokesman said there is no plan to change the broadcasting schedule."

Can Red Sox diehard Katie Nolan please promise to be nice, at least? Just be cool.

The AppleTV+ broadcasts are unique and free-flowing, and can be quite entertaining at times. But even the defenders of the medium have to admit that a shot at history falling on an unfamiliar streaming service in Year 1 isn’t exactly what MLB envisioned when they locked in this partnership.

Even wilder? The late-night game in the doubleheader slot is Dodgers-Cardinals, as Albert Pujols sits two home runs away from 700 himself.

It’s likely best for everyone if both Judge and Pujols get honored on the AppleTV+ broadcast, but do their damage on Saturday, when local affiliates will be carrying the games. If Judge’s chase stretches all the way to Sunday and the ESPN game … Lord have mercy.