Replies to Red Sox-Zac Gallen trade take are worse than any Yankees delusion


People feel like Yankee fans believe themselves to be the singular center of the baseball universe, around which other needy teams revolve. If you believe that to be true (it largely is), then open your eyes to the Red Sox, too, a similar AL East team with fans who behave identically.

Don’t believe it? Just look at the comments on Sox insider Chris Cotillo’s suggestion that the Red Sox explore a Zac Gallen trade this offseason.

This might boggle your mind, but it turns out that fans of every team have somewhat-unrealistic expectations for one-year turnarounds and possible power moves. Red Sox fans, especially, seem to always believe in the impossible. And with good reason! The impossible has happened to them time and time again.

To endorse Cotillo’s tweet, acquiring one of the NL’s controllable young aces in the midst of a 40-plus-inning scoreless streak … does sound quite smart, to be fair! And the fans in the replies believe they’ve cooked up the perfect trade packages, composed entirely of players they hate and do not believe the Red Sox should use.

It’s genius, and it makes the league’s running, “Yankees fans love to trade Miguel Andújar and Clint Frazier for stuff!” joke look obsolete.

Red Sox fans are just as bad as Yankees fans who think Andújar/Frazier could bring them the moon and stars

Did you know that just because the Red Sox have been good in the past, they deserve the good players from all other teams? Teams like the Diamondbacks, a team nearly as good as the Red Sox right now with an arguably better young core? Those teams should just give up and send their guys to Boston. It’s better that way.

Truly not sure we’ve ever seen an organic “Andújar and Frazier” in the wild past 2018, when Andújar was a near-Rookie of the Year and Frazier was a top prospect. Anyway, here’s “Dalbec and Duran,” the “Andújar and Frazier” for a new generation.

Did you enjoy that? Then, perhaps, you might like, “The Red Sox should re-sign Xander Bogaerts, then trade two blocked and regressing prospects and their worst starting pitcher for Zac Gallen.”

D-Backs, you still listening?

Maybe the Yankees should counter with Tyler Wade and Chance Adams? Could be a fun bidding war developing.

Or maybe the Sox should surrender the recently-demoted Dalbec, along with the worst reliever we’ve ever seen? Would really sting to give him up, but worth considering in the long run.

Add a pitching prospect to Gallen in that deal. After all, how else could Chaim Bloom ever stand to part with Ryan Brasier, a 6.49-ERA DFA candidate?

Well, hold your horses, because Bloom might actually want to hold onto all his top chips like Dalbec (unwanted), Duran (unwanted), and Brasier in case the future 2022 NL Cy Young winner randomly hits the market, even though he’s on an extension that could take him through 2027 in Miami.

OK, you know what? Don’t want to speak that into existence, that’s basically what happened with Giancarlo Stanton.

Sorry, Bobby D and Jarren! You’re on your way to Miami!

The 2022-23 offseason will be a pivotal one for Boston, and it’s not unreasonable for Sox fans to want to supplement one of the league’s top offenses with a pitching staff to match. It’ll also be an exciting offseason for the Diamondbacks, though, a team that has seen Alek Thomas, Corbin Carroll and Jake McCarthy all rise successfully to the bigs this season, with more to come.

In other words, if you want Gallen, it’ll cost you Marcelo Mayer. Or maybe the D-Backs might be interested in Rafael Devers, since you’re both on semi-equal footing?