Yankees debuting Oswald Peraza in disrespectful manner proves they’re lost


Need more evidence that the New York Yankees “don’t get it”? How about the organization’s decision making as the team continues to free fall into the month of September? They’re 9-19 since Aug. 2, which is the worst record in the AL over the last 30 days.

Wait … what’s that you say? They actually listened to the fans for once? They called up surging top prospect Oswald Peraza on Thursday as rosters expanded to possibly provide reinforcement or a totally new solution for the disastrous middle infield occupied by Isiah Kiner-Falefa and Gleyber Torres?

Dang, joke’s on me I guess. This is a forward-thinking organization trying to break out of this uninspiring, dreadful, pathetic stretch of play.

Sike! It actually took less than 24 hours for the Yankees to suck all the life out of that once-hopeful decision. With a crucial three-game series on deck against the Tampa Bay Rays, the Yankees opted to talk up Peraza as much as possible but also show little faith in him because he wasn’t in the starting lineup Friday despite IKF and Torres continuing their awful showings since the beginning of August.

So the decision, which was supposed to be an “impact” one, wasn’t even executed as such. That wasn’t the end, though. The Yankees somehow made it worse! After opting not to start Peraza and take the wind of out the sails after promoting him, they THEN decided to make his first MLB experience come as a pinch hitter in the top of the ninth with two outs … and the team DOWN 9-0!

The Yankees made an embarrassing decision to debut Oswald Peraza

It is simply unbelievable we’re forced to continue creating this content, but this is all we’ve got. This is what we’re subjected to.

Is there a more meaningless, demoralizing way to give a top prospect you REFUSED to trade this past offseason and at the deadline a big-league introduction? These decisions are supposed to be surrounded by hope, inspiration and energy. Instead the Yankees chose the “devoid of confidence” path to aid Peraza in striking out to end a 9-0 loss that cut the AL East lead to five games.

But maybe we’re the idiots, because manager Aaron Boone’s pregame comments on Peraza foreshadowed this depressing scenario.

Nothing like that and doubling down on Kiner-Falefa’s defense. Either Boone is a bottom-five manager in MLB or the front office is force-feeding his every move whether he likes it or not.

Why is there still pride in playing for the Yankees when the Yankees only reward bad play and do their best to upend team chemistry? The excitement around Peraza and from Peraza himself couldn’t have been a better opportunity to take advantage of.

Instead, Cashman and Boone took the youngster’s optimistic comments and said, “Oh yeah? Here’s an inane at-bat to set the tone for the rest of your MLB career and our stretch run for the 2022 season.”

If fans out there had any confidence in this team to do anything right at this juncture, Friday should’ve fully discouraged even the most optimistic of individuals.