Yankees should just bring Alex Rodriguez home after viral comeback video


The New York Yankees entered the 2022 season with an infield they believed in. But as the season reaches September, there’s only one position that’s still settled, and the guy manning it has a balky back.

Reinforcements are needed. And they could either come from within, like Oswaldo Cabrera and the still-chilling-in-Scranton Oswald Peraza, or way out. Like, say, 47-year-old Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has been more active in the baseball world than anyone anticipated he would be when he bowed out of the Yankees lineup (or, more specifically, was forced to bow out) amid scandal and intrigue. He was twice banned for PEDs, the second sentence removing him for the full 2014 season.

If not for that second infraction (and the resulting legal screaming/battle with Rob Manfred), Rodriguez probably would’ve secured 700 home runs, a remarkable total currently being threatened by Albert Pujols with one month to go in his big-league career.

Rodriguez finished at 696, but took a break from prepping for the KayRod Cast on ESPN and his work at FOX this week to muse about what a potential comeback might look like. Hey, you know what? To hell with it.

47-year-old A-Rod ripping a cigar in a full suit while taking hacks on his Miami porch has a higher chance of hitting a dinger than Isiah Kiner-Falefa. Go for it. Make the call. Why not? Life is meaningless.

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Yankees should bring Alex Rodriguez back to hit home run No. 700

You want a ring in the Bronx? No one’s delivered one since this guy. Just speaking the difficult truth.

Sure, Rodriguez is currently preoccupied. He’s now a Man of Television, as well as the part-owner of the Timberwolves and one of Shark Tank’s auxiliary sharks. But he’s also got a wide-open window to the shortstop gig in the Bronx that he always coveted back in the day, as well as a little extra motivation.

The Yankees play the Red Sox six times in September. You don’t think A-Rod wants to stick it to Ben Affleck? You don’t think he wants to have Affleck nervously checking his phone while J. Lo serenades him mid-wedding with her new song (yeah, I click TMZ sometimes, whatever)? You don’t think A-Rod wants to put a non-Dunkin lump in Affleck’s throat?

Yankees, make the call. Haven’t you waited long enough already?