Yankees’ Scott Effross gushes about Aaron Judge’s leadership to Cubs


New York Yankees relief demon Scott Effross is currently on the shelf with a minor shoulder issue (hopefully!), but that hasn’t stopped him from spreading the good word about the Bronx Bombers Experience to the rest of MLB.

Effross hopped onto Jomboy Media’s The Compound podcast this week, and when Cubs outfielder/host Ian Happ picked up on the sidewinder’s subtle reference to All-Star Aaron Judge as “Judgey,” the pod devolved into a full-on love fest.

Judge returning to the Yankees on a mega-deal is the only thing standing between the slugger and the captaincy, and according to Effross, all the hype about Judge’s ability to handle the clubhouse is warranted.

Not only are Effross and Judge “boys,” but he could barely contain his joy when asked about how much of a stud Judge is in managing personalities and getting newcomers acquainted to the Yankee Way.

“He’s the man! I mean, what do you want? He’s the leader! He’s the best!” Effross rattled off in the short clip tweeted by Talkin’ Yanks, getting all his words out in an efficient and Seinfeld-ian tone (which, not shockingly, comes right out of the right-hander’s Twitter bio).

New Yankees reliever Scott Effross gushes about Aaron Judge to Cubs

If only this podcast had been dropped a month ago … it might’ve been released in time to get Happ to demand a trade to the Yankees, too (kidding, we love you, Benny, probably).

Judge somehow managing to juggle an elite intangibles season with one of the best offensive seasons modern baseball has ever seen had better get recognized when awards time comes.

It would also be nice if it resulted in a pre-free agency World Series title, but who’s counting?

Judge is both on Roger Maris’ tail in the Race for 61, and has also taken it upon himself to roll out the red carpet for all trade deadline additions. This was a particularly important deadline for massaging chemistry, too, coming in the wake of Joey Gallo’s inflammatory comments about New York and containing Jordan Montgomery’s sudden departure.

And yet … Judge is acing every test and flirting with a 200 wRC+. Effross is right. He’s an all-time stud.

The Yankees bullpen needs Effross back as soon as possible, even after promoting Greg Weissert and Clarke Schmidt.

Hopefully, his reintroduction to the club is a bit more seamless and every bit as joyful.