3 prospects the Yankees should call up in September but absolutely won’t

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Hudson Valley Renegade Anthony Volpe /

1. Anthony Volpe

Anthony Volpe is your shortstop of the future? Anthony Volpe is your prospect crown jewel you won’t trade? Anthony Volpe is a potential face of the franchise? If the New York Yankees truly believe that, then why not just … call him up now?

The Yankees can’t even use the service-time argument (which they shouldn’t be concerned about anyway since they’re the richest franchise in the sport) because Sept. promotions don’t affect a prospect’s MLB clock!

Volpe’s numbers might be “down” compared to last year’s from a power and average perspective, but it’s not even a concerning difference. See for yourself:

  • 109 games between Low-A and High-A: 113 runs scored, 27 HR, 86 RBI, 33 SBs, 101 Ks .294/.423/.604 slash line
  • 108 games at Double-A: 70 runs scored, 18 HR, 60 RBI, 44 SBs, 85 Ks, .255/.353/.476 slash line

And his defense has improved (11 errors in 702.2 innings last year, 11 errors in 905.2 innings this year). The Braves promoted Vaughn Grissom and Michael Harris II after limited experience at Double-A, and look what it’s done for them. Will the same result happen for the Yankees? No idea, but something worth trying if, again, you BELIEVE in the talent!

Have you been watching The Captain? Jeter’s presence on the 1995 Wild Card team (even though he couldn’t play) set the tone for his career in pinstripes. Might want to try repeating history in a good way and learn from previous successful decisions.