Clayton Beeter making Yankees-Dodgers Joey Gallo trade hurt a lot less


Are you a Joey Gallo hater who’s seething at every clip/tweet alluding his newfound success with the Los Angeles Dodgers after he was traded by the New York Yankees? Well, how about we interest you in shifting your negativity to … positivity?

In the end, Yankees fans should only be rooting against Gallo when they’re facing him. Actively hoping he fails does nothing but attract bad energy, brings out the worse in fans, and takes away from the support you could be providing to your team, who is currently in the midst of a spiral for the ages.

Yeah … let’s just focus on what’s in front of us and concerning us at the moment, shall we? The best way to “get back” at Gallo is to track the prospect the Yankees acquired in return for him and root for his success.

If you can be convinced of changing your brain to do that, then you’re already off to a good start! Clayton Beeter, who was the Dodgers No. 15 prospect and then became the Yankees’ No. 10 prospect after the trade, has been impressive since joining Double-A Somerset.

Across three starts, the right-hander has a 0.00 ERA, 0.82 WHIP and 11 strikeouts, though only in 7.1 innings of work. The Yankees’ main task will be limiting his walks and extending his innings workload, but him showing promise in a new setting thus far has been more than what anyone could’ve hoped for.

Yankees prospect Clayton Beeter is making the Joey Gallo trade hurt less

This “change of scenery” swap is perhaps benefitting everyone. Gallo’s found a role and has gotten back on track (for the time being) in LA while Beeter’s debut with the Yankees is a colossal rebound after he allowed 16 earned runs and walked 11 batters over his final 14.1 innings with the Dodgers’ organization.

If the Yankees can make back some prospect capital, especially in the pitching department, after their myriad of deals at this year’s trade deadline that saw guys like Ken Waldichuk, JP Sears, Hayden Wesneski and Luis Medina go, that would be a coup.

And in exchange for someone who was performing as poorly as Gallo was? Double win.

Look at those off-speed pitches! Unbelievable movement. If Beeter can harness some control after changing coasts, his career will witness a notable turnaround.

Though 7.1 innings in three starts isn’t really anything to write home about, it’s at least an encouraging start in what’s expected to be a fairly long road ahead. The Yankees’ system has turned a corner and done well with developing pitching prospects in recent years, and it’s very possible they found a tweak or two with Beeter that might help the former Texas Tech star continue to compile strikeouts while limiting the damage he quickly became accustomed to at Double-A Tulsa.