Here’s how Carlos Correa opt-out report affects Yankees


Ha, let’s get this part out of the way: the New York Yankees will NOT be signing Carlos Correa despite a report dropping on Friday that indicated the shortstop will opt out of his contract with the Minnesota Twins. Don’t count on it. Figure something else out.

With that said, this news will affect the Yankees in some way. It could be positive, it could be negative. But the Yankees passed on Correa months ago in favor of Isiah Kiner-Falefa. If you think they’ll reignite the chase for a controversial player when they have to re-sign Aaron Judge, well, then we can’t fix your brain. They might do it for someone else, but they won’t be moving mountains to bring Correa to the Bronx.

If you do want a new shortstop who isn’t Oswald Peraza or Anthony Volpe, though, Correa re-entering free agency could technically help the Yankees a little bit should they explore the open market come November.

IKF is not the answer, and he’s not even the answer for one more season. There needs to be an upgrade. Correa, if he opts out, will join stars Trea Turner and Dansby Swanson, which will make the market a bit more crowded with demand to go around.

Would you lose your mind if the Yankees traded Volpe or Peraza or moved one of them to second base to make room for Turner, the league’s best shortstop, for the next 6-7 years? Doubt it! That makes the Yankees so much better.

How does Carlos Correa’s free agency affect the New York Yankees?

Unfortunately … that’s pretty much the only way that this helps the Yankees. It’ll make free agency a bit more crowded for them to either make a move on another shortstop in Turner or Swanson (which is still unlikely) or perhaps a starting pitcher (Jacob deGrom, Carlos Rodón, Chris Bassitt, Tyler Anderson?). Also unlikely, though. The Yankees frequently do nothing of note.

How can it hurt the Yankees? Well, doesn’t Correa seem like a perfect fit for the Baltimore Orioles, who are on the come-up and can spend any amount of money they wish since their payroll is ~$40 million this year? That makes the division tougher for the Yanks, who stand to lose a number of guys this coming offseason.

Also, are we certain a reunion with the Astros isn’t going to happen? Or possibly the Red Sox swooping in to replace Xander Bogaerts? Those scenarios seem farfetched, but free agency creates a lot of possibilities one might not have previously considered.

From a general free agency perspective, too, this could drive the price up on Aaron Judge, since the slugger’s comparable cohort come November will be Turner. Any price increase on Turner will likely result in the same for Judge, considering Turner is 29 years old, plays a premium position, and is a five-tool player. You don’t think Scott Boras is going to get as much as he possibly can for Correa, which will then help his other client in Turner earn even more? Judge is better than both of them and has a greater marketing appeal, which might make this even harder for the Yankees.

So, instead of rooting for the Yankees to get Correa for a second time, maybe focus on the greater implications his free agency might have, and hope for Volpe/Peraza to take massive leaps over the next month and a half.