Mets’ trade deadline randos outmuscling Yankees’ acquisitions by plenty


The most tired narrative spun by haters of the New York Yankees is far and away, “These guys keep turning total RANDOS into stars! They can’t keep getting away with this!” Shockingly, when provided with evidence that their favorite team also does this, they shrink and hide. Stunning.

Add in all the high-profile pieces who’ve joined the Yankees and immediately flatlined, and it all sort of evens out. Red Sox and Mets fans don’t seem to want to touch that either, though.

For every Gio Urshela or Matt Carpenter with the Yanks, there’s an equal and opposite Sonny Gray and Joey Gallo. Plus, who are Red Sox fans to talk? Their 2018 World Series MVP? Steve Pearce! STEVE PEARCE!

The Mets might just have joined the Pearce Club themselves recently, too, completing an “underwhelming deadline” full of “C+ pieces” instead of “real difference-makers.” Only thing is … somewhere along the way, someone forgot to tell Daniel Vogelbach, Tyler Naquin and Darin Ruf that they weren’t supposed to help.

New York’s National League team is poised to make an extended postseason run, thanks in large part to a healthy Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer forming an unhittable tandem. But you just know that if an October run materializes, Vogelbach or Naquin will have a certified moment.

Since the deadline, all three bats the Mets added at a discount have come up particularly large. The Yankees? Andrew Benintendi was their only healthy offensive addition, and he is … not doing this. Add in the early scuffles of Frankie Montas and Scott Effross, and it’s clear you can still get what you want without paying a premium.

Mets traded for several randos at the MLB Trade Deadline, made Yankees look foolish

That’s dynamite.

Every World Series roster needs supreme talent, which often makes the difference on the brightest stages. Only Mookie Betts can do what Mookie Betts did in Game 6 of the 2020 World Series.

But the Eddie Rosarios, Joc Pedersons and Tyler Matzeks of the world clearly have an impact, too, and the Mets have taken three bites at the Big Apple in their attempt to find some postseason heroics from unlikely sources.

The Yankees’ new blood? Well … Andrew Benintendi opens the weekend series at Fenway 7-for-40 with nine walks as a Yankee. Harrison Bader would love to contribute, but he’s still in a boot. Scott Effross has been solid, though the three-run dinger he allowed to Paul DeJong remains a blight on his record, while Lou Trivino has battled bouts of wildness to pick up a few key Ks. Frankie Montas? He imploded in St. Louis after a long layoff and a stint on the bereavement list. Very unfortunate circumstances, but an inauspicious beginning.

The Mets? They’re riding the mojo of Vogelbach’s portly frame and Naquin’s left-handed slugging to the best record in New York. Sometimes, it’s the little things — which, yes, happen to the Mets and Red Sox, too.