Yankees’ Clayton Beeter reveals how he learned he was traded for Joey Gallo


The New York Yankees‘ 2022 trade deadline saga with Joey Gallo was an odd one. Even two months ago, amid his struggles, it seemed unlikely the Yanks would send an All-Star packing less than a year into his tenure with the team. But as July approached, Gallo leaving the Bronx was as certain as the sun rising in the east or Gleyber Torres stranding runners in scoring position.

The slugging outfielder reportedly packed his bags in the clubhouse the day before he was officially dealt, with the destination still unknown. Hell, he even got a head start on growing his facial hair back out; no one from the Yankees seemed to mind.

There was a time when a Gallo trade stalled because the Yankees were asking “too much.” There was a time when a Gallo trade might’ve had to become a Gallo DFA. There was a time when Gallo was exchanged for four Yankees prospects! But that was a long time ago.

By Aug. 2, all that was left were the details. Would Gallo head to a low-pressure city in exchange for a lottery ticket prospect or two? Would a contender import Gallo without surrendering anything of value, just a year after he was one of the hottest commodities on the market?

Turns out, the Yankees were able to maximize the return, adding top-15 Dodgers prospect Clayton Beeter, a right-hander whom MLB Pipeline believes to be their 10th-best prospect, post-deadline. Approaching deadline day, Beeter wasn’t nearly as on-edge as the man he was dealt for. In fact, he learned he was headed to the Yankees while absentmindedly scrolling Instagram, where most important work gets done.

Yankees prospect Clayton Beeter reveals fans told him about Joey Gallo trade

Hopefully, things went more smoothly than when ex-Yankees prospect Robert Ahlstrom found out he’d been included in the Albert Abreu-Jose Trevino trade, dropping a casual, “Wait…what?” in the Instagram comments.

According to Beeter, a fan’s Instagram comment immediately proceeded a wave of friends and relatives blowing up his phone regarding the recently-completed deal. Over the next few years, you’ll probably hear a close family member trying to take credit for breaking the news. Never forget it was actually some random Yankees Instagrammer with faster fingers.

Beeter went on to say all the right things about the organization, which he’s heard takes great pride throughout every level of the minors in developing dominant pitching. Coming from the Dodgers, it means a lot that he’s still enthusiastic about this new stop on his journey.

Coming out of Texas Tech, the 23-year-old Fort Worth native will now try to harness his disgusting strikeout stuff (88 whiffs in 51.2 innings) while cutting down the walks (an unsightly 35) and keeping the ball in the park (10 dingers allowed in the Double-A Texas League).

Maybe the Yankee pitching coaches will turn things around quickly. Or maybe Beeter will get a life- changing tip from his TikTok comments. Either way, looking forward to it.