New Yankees CF Harrison Bader looks completely different in Players’ Tribune piece


Unlike some other players who’ve joined the New York Yankees with distinct looks over the years — Miguel Castro, cough — new import Harrison Bader didn’t necessarily have that much work to do. Sure, he’s been known for his long, flowing locks in St. Louis, but those aren’t typically a dealbreaker. Aaron Boone’s Yankees probably could’ve made it work if Bader wanted to keep his curls bouncing.

Alas, Bader showed up in a Players’ Tribune video piece this week to pay tribute to the fans of St. Louis, and the deed had already been done. Maybe that walking boot is being removed sooner rather than later?

Whenever Bader does join the Bombers’ lineup, he’ll be providing an instant jolt of energy on both offense and defense for a slumping team that really needs it. After racing out to a 61-23 record, the Yankees have stumbled to a 10-17 mark while losing their grasp on fundamentals.

Bader is a world-class center fielder with a penchant for hard contact when the spotlight’s brightest. He’ll fit in here by displaying the same traits that made him beloved in St. Louis — and, according to his latest video message, the feeling was extremely mutual.

A week after the dust settled, Bader — a Bronxville native — made it clear to his fans in The Lou that he felt like he was leaving home. But don’t worry about him. He’s facing the challenge with a brave (and very differently-framed) face.

Yankees CF Harrison Bader looks completely different after haircut

Cover your eyes, Yankee fans of a certain age, but … makeovers like this seem wholly unnecessary. Bader racing through the outfield and covering two humans’ worth of ground just looks better with longer hair.

Bader streaking around third en route to a headfirst slide into home looks slicker with his helmet flying off and his hair escaping his headband. It’s just science. If you want to rock a ‘do like that, you have to back it up with blazing speed and defensive tenacity. Bader has done both in spades for several years now.

However, no matter how much hair you trim, you can’t change the hustle, which’ll endear him to Yankee fans as soon as he’s activated, even though many are still reeling from the Jordan Montgomery trade.

A defensive outfield of Benintendi, Bader and Judge with a side of Stanton sounds excellent, even if the whole group is going with a tight fade nowadays.