Chaim Bloom’s Red Sox trades (and rumored talks) show Boston is totally lost


JD Martinez. Very good hitter. Can certainly change the complexion of a contender in need of another big bat. However, he’s a two-month rental with a relatively escalated salary and can’t play the field. So how high can his value be?

If the Red Sox, Orioles and Rays teaming up on Monday to help the Astros (Trey Mancini and Christian Vazquez are now in Houston) didn’t infuriate New York Yankees fans enough, then this will help alleviate the pain and provide some laughter.

According to recent rumors, the Red Sox are in talks with the New York Mets involving Martinez, who is clearly one of the main pieces Chaim Bloom wants to sell off for Boston. It doesn’t seem like he’s looking to conduct reasonable talks, though.

Bloom, again, per rumors, had the gall to ask the Mets about All-Star second baseman Jeff McNeil after also requesting a top-five prospect, a player from New York’s MLB roster, and an “additional piece or cash” in exchange for Martinez.

Hey Chaim, is this your first deadline? Seems like it after Monday’s moves! Sending Vazquez to Houston was likely smart despite Yankees fans’ disdain for it, but then he went around and acquired Tommy Pham from the Cincinnati Reds (?) and swapped reliever Jake Diekman for Chicago White Sox catcher Reese McGuire.

What in the world is this guy doing?

Chaim Bloom is embarrassing the Red Sox before the trade deadline

Here’s the full breakdown for the Sox on Tuesday after those Monday moves, now that the deadline is over and we’re obligated to update this article:

  • Acquired 1B Eric Hosmer and two mid-level prospects from Padres for prospect P Jay Groome
  • Traded C/1B Christian Vazquez to Astros for two mid-level prospects
  • Acquired OF Tommy Pham from Reds for PTBNL
  • Didn’t trade Nathan Eovaldi, JD Martinez or Jackie Bradley Jr.

Typically, Yankees fans wouldn’t care about Boston’s trade deadline endeavors unless they were bolstering their roster for a World Series run, but this kind of nonsensical decision making has to take centerstage after Red Sox fans have endlessly talked trash on the Yankees for just about everything.

Brian Cashman overpaying for Gerrit Cole  — and the Sox overpaying (or paying) nobody — has elicited the peanut gallery in Boston. New York falling short the past four trade deadlines and four postseasons gets them riled up, too. Understandably so.

But hey, Yankees fans can at least say their team is in contention year after year, doesn’t witness regime changes every half-decade, and doesn’t have a leading baseball executive not sell his two biggest assets that aren’t returning next year while acquiring … whatever it is he acquired. The Red Sox have had the “last World Series argument” over the Yankees — not up for debate — but Yankees fans don’t have to deal with this kind of embarrassment.

This is the same guy who traded Mookie Betts for Alex Verdugo, Jeter Downs and Connor Wong. This is the same guy who traded Andrew Benintendi for Franchy Cordero and Josh Winckowski. This is the same guy who traded Hunter Renfroe for Jackie Bradley Jr. and two low-level prospects! Now he thinks Martinez can essentially receive a bigger return than Betts?!

Do the Red Sox have a direction? A plan? Will we regret even mentioning this come 2026? Does it matter, though, when Mets and Yankees fans are in agreement with how appalling something is?

Did we just find a common ground with Mets fans?